Professional Fees

Private Health Insurance

Rebates for podiatric surgery are available. The exact amount of reimbursement will vary from one insurance company to another 1.

Under Commonwealth law private health insurance companies must provide at least a minimum hospital rebate for hospital costs associated with podiatric surgery 2. This is called a “Minister default rate”. Some health funds will pay over and above “Minister default rate” towards hospital costs, as well as a rebate from your podiatry extras table towards surgical fees.

Dr Hermann’s office will provide a guideline of the “out of pocket” expenses for your surgery before you have any treatment. However you should contact your health fund and request confirmation of any “gap fees” in writing before your surgery.

Please note that your podiatric surgical fee includes 12 months of post operative follow up.


  1. Medicare does not provide any rebate for podiatric surgery or related services.
  2. Podiatric surgery and other matters 2005